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Your Payment Options @ Millennium Chiropractic


1. Millennium Chiropractic is a participating provider of most major insurance carriers.   


You may want to contact your insurance company before coming in to check your chiropractic benefits, which can be
different for each insurance policy.  At your initial visit, we do verify your insurance benefits in case you did not have time to call or you are confused about your benefits.  If you would like, please contact us and we can call your insurance before your initial appointment and let you know what your benefits are, so that you will know before your appointment of what is covered and not covered.  


Health Insurance will cover treatments that are Medically Necessary, and will allow/approve certain number of visits for the condition you are experiencing at the time of your initial visit.  On your initial visit, after  a careful examination, we will be recommending you an Active Care treatment plan that would be approved by your health plan.  It is very important for you to follow your treatment plan we have recommended in order for you to get the benefits of active chiropractic care and obtain reasonable and measurable improvement of your symptoms which can be documented.

Without this documentation of improvement, future treatments will not be approved by your insurance.

Maintenance Care  is not covered by health insurances.



2. No Insurance?  No Chiropractic Coverage?  or High Deductible?  No problem!




In California, Business & Professions Code 657(b) allows healthcare providers and institutions to “grant discounts in health or medical care claims when payment is made promptly within time limits prescribed by” the healthcare provider or institution (hospital, clinic, etc.)



3. Auto insurance is accepted for those who have been injured in a car accident as long as you have MED PAY coverage


At your initial appointment, please try to have your claim number, adjuster name and number, where to send claims and the insurance name. If you have hired an attorney, please bring their information to your first visit.  We will work on an attorney lien for your auto accident case. 


If the injuries you suffered are the result of an accident that was caused by the other party, and you did not hire an

attorney  yet, their insurance will usually want you to be treated on your own, where you will have to pay for your own treatment. AND, once you finish your treatments they will offer you a settlement which will usually include a reimbursement

of your treatment cost and lost wages if any,  etc.  We also work with excellent attorneys that are local and we can give you their information in order for you to get a free consultation with them in order to evaluate your case.


You need to pay on your own, No worries! With our CareCredit Financing, you can get the treatment you need and want!



4. We accept CareCredit – the healthcare credit card for treatment and care.


Don’t put off tomorrow what you can have done today. Get the treatment you or your family wants or needs with healthcare financing from CareCredit.

With convenient monthly payments, and a variety of special financing promotions on purchases of $200 or more*, you can get the procedures you want today and pay for them in convenient monthly payments over time tomorrow.

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Visit for details.


Your Healthcare Credit Card.



Don't put your health on hold until you can save up enough money for the procedures or treatments you want or need. With CareCredit, you can decide when the time is right for you.

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